Au Revoir

There’s never a right time to say goodbye.

I know you all are probably as sad as I am that the semester is coming to an end. I hope you all have had as much fun as I have. For my last Media Criticism post I want to showcase some of my classmates blogs!

I’ve chosen to share Lexi, Marvin and Traveya’s blogs. I decided to choose them because they all come from different backgrounds. Lexi is a female from China, Marvin is an El Salvadorian male and Traveya is a Black female.

I chose these three because it’s important to view topics from different perspectives especially when examining and critiquing the media. Therefore, I will provide you guys with  my personal response to their blog posts. You all should take the time to read their posts as well and see if we have similar or different feedback to provide.


LexiI absolutely enjoyed your use of links throughout your blog post. You used a lot more than I did. I feel like I’ve been lazy when it comes to my blog posts. Within the first few paragraphs you taught me that media influences everyone and that it doesn’t only affect a particular culture. I must admit that I’m somewhat misinformed to the world around me at times. I often only see things as an American instead of considering other cultures and countries. You have definitely helped me in opening my eyes.

One thing I disagree with in your post is Don Draper’s choice of drink. I’m pretty sure he has stronger alcohol in his glass such as, Brandy or Scotch, instead of wine. I’m only pointing this out because alcohol drink preferences play a huge role in relation to gender roles and stereotypes. It’s rare for a man to be addicted to wine. It’s especially rare for a man of Draper’s status to drink wine. Wine is more of a feminine drink. It has a lower percentage of alcohol by volume in comparison to Brandy and Scotch. Wine typically has a 12-15% alcohol by volume. Brandy and Scotch have approximately 40% alcohol by volume. Brandy and Scotch are popular drinks shared by men in general, but especially businessmen. Therefore, I highly doubt Draper is drinking wine.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading your post. I’m happy you eventually overcame your fear of Jerry Springer and left your apartment to experience more realistic American behavior instead of behaviors seen on tabloid talk shows. Trust me. The people on there scare me too.


traveyaSo I want to start off by saying I absolutely love the Disney princesses graphic you chose to use for your blog post! I was very impressed by that image. Disney is such a huge brand so I’ve typically seen most Disney princess graphics. You showed me one I have never seen before or even imagined!

As a society we often recognize people in clusters such as Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, LGBT, etc. Unfortunately, I’m guilty of rarely thinking about people with disabilities. I’m glad that there are people in the world like you who don’t overlook the underrepresented. I need to work on doing the same.

I must say that I wish you would’ve elaborated on this part of your blog more. I would’ve liked to hear your opinions on why there should be Disney princesses with different body types including those with disabilities. What would this teach children? Would it have a positive effect on how children without disabilities view and treat children with disabilities? Would it cause children to not be like me when the grow up? Will it hopefully help them grow up without overlooking people with disabilities? These are all questions I would’ve loved to here you discuss. If you continue blogging in the future then you might want to consider elaborating more. Once you do that then I assure you that you’ll at least have one faithful reader and subscriber. Me!


MarvinFirst, I just want to say I was impressed that you mentioned millennials being the most connected generation. That’s one of the first things we learned in our class, but a lot of us, including myself, didn’t mention it in our blogs.

The second thing I loved was your high vs. low cultural hierarchy rejection example. More specifically, I appreciated how you further explained this idea in your picture caption of Luciano Pavarotti.

Next, I appreciated you taking the time to examine the House of Cards series print ad. I don’t really keep up with politics so I’ve never really taken the time to look closely at the ad. I was really impressed with your interpretations of the signifiers. Embarrassingly I must admit that I never would’ve noticed that he was sitting on Abraham Lincoln’s chair, which definitely does illustrate power. Your interpretation of the flipped U.S. flag was very interesting. I would’ve never came to that conclusion.

Overall, I really enjoyed your post. You used vivid descriptions and explained your chosen text extremely well. It’s hard to get some people, like myself, interested and understanding of things involving politics.

The only suggestion I have is to use more variety of media in your blog posts. It would’ve been really cool to see a video clip of House of Cards off YouTube. Especially to help the reader really understand Frank and Claire’s relationship and gender roles.

So long, farewell

Alright you guys. We have truly come to the end of the road. I’m glad I chose to take Media Criticism during my last semester as an undergraduate student at Towson University. The saying is true. I really did save the best for last.

I want to thank Dr. Nichols for assigning our class blog posts. It’s a fun, expressive way to make sure we’re truly grasping the concepts learned in lectures. Writing blog posts definitely helped me fully understand the cultural diamond and prepared me for our tests.

More importantly, this class has helped me realize media’s influence over us as individuals. I’m definitely going to pay closer attention to signs and messages communicated in different texts. Hopefully you all will do the same!


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