Meet the Women’s Towson Tigers Basketball Team

The women's Towson Tigers basketball team huddles together before starting practice. (Photo by: Cierra Colon/TU Student)

The women’s Towson Tigers basketball team huddles together before starting practice. (Photo by: Cierra Colon/TU Student)

The holidays are approaching fast and many students will spend their winter break at home with their families. However, some student’s have responsibilities on campus. The Towson women’s basketball team will remain on campus throughout the holidays to work hard on reaching their goal of having a winning season.

Ciara Webb, starting shooting guard for the Tigers, says it is not easy being a student athlete. Their schedules are hectic and time consuming, says Webb.

“At the end of many days, I’m exhausted,” says Webb. “The thing that keeps me going most is the love I have for basketball.”

But Webb and her teammates do have help from coaches and trainers throughout pre-season, season, and post-season. They receive help in the weight room and on the court. There are athletic trainer’s available to help them with stretching and injuries to keep them healthy and strong.

Reanna Beatty, an athletic training student, says stretching athletic trainers provide is vital in keeping athletes healthy and prepared for vigorous exercises and activities.

“The warm-up and cool down are the most essential parts of any work-out,” Beatty says.

The number of injuries players suffer can have a drastic affect on a team’s season. Towson Women’s Basketball team cannot afford to have any injuries if they want to achieve their season goals, says Camille Alberson, a sophomore Forward.

“We have a bench full of players who can step up at any given moment to replace someone who is injured,” says Alberson. “But, of course we want every one of us to remain healthy throughout the year.”

The Towson Women’s Basketball team is currently 4-3. They want to encourage all students and fan’s to come out to home games and support their team, says Alberson.


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